Hammy Havoc and Mary Ann Mahoney combine their varying musical tastes to create unique scores for commercials, films, and video games. When composing for other media, they understand that the music is important in helping to promote a product.

Hammy and Mary believe that, like a movie, music can also tell a story. Their bespoke scores compliment the brands or products they were written for. Hammy and Mary are comfortable with meeting tight deadlines and working lengthy sessions to complete a project.

Hammy is a synesthete, meaning that he visually experiences and perceives audio, giving an added perspective on every scoring session.

All Walls Must Fall

A Tech-Noir Tactics Game

Hammy worked on the soundtrack of All Walls Must Fall, a game from inbetweengames, a company founded by ex-Dead Island developers.

The brief asked for authentic Berlin techno, and we delivered. All Walls Must Fall features an innovative procedurally generated soundtrack that reacts based on the actions of players and what’s happening to them, meaning that the loops could be arranged in ways that we hadn’t previously anticipated; everything needed to work musically.

As well as composition, sound design, production, and mixing, we also mastered the music in-house to industry standards to be certain that our music made an impact.


An Indie Short Horror Film

Hammy and Mary created the score for Goatman (2017), a short indie slasher horror film from ShutterStinct. We combined modular synth with organic instruments including a howling electric guitar, and a harp, amidst others. Sound design was key to Goatman, making sure that the film had a spooky atmosphere without going too far into overly serious territory. The brief asked for a score partially inspired by Ennio Morricone’s work on John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982), focusing on a lo-fi, dirty analogue vibe.

Look no further if you’re searching for an indie game composer, a classical composer, or an EDM producer.

We prefer to work remotely with clients from our private studios, though we are available to meet in person if necessary.

We are always aiming to push boundaries with technology. We’re constantly experimenting to achieve new effects and pioneer new techniques in terms of dynamics. We also have a 5.1 surround sound mastering suite using Canon movie theatre speakers to accommodate for the best environment for listening to film and television scores. We also facilitate the syncing of audio to picture, we have everything you need to complete your project whether it’s for DVD, Blu-ray or Blu-ray Pure Audio.

Joypad Icon

Video Game Soundtracks

We compose original soundtracks for video games, record, mix and master them. We can create adaptive looping video game background music (BGMs) of any genre as we’re experienced using the likes of ELIAS, Audiokinetic’s Wwise, and FMOD for integration within your game engine.

Soundtrack Release & Marketing

We can distribute any soundtrack that we create to over 300+ digital stores and streaming services through Voidance Records to further promote your film, game or TV show prior to commercial release. The soundtrack can also be promoted to our unique network of contacts within the media through our Public Relations (PR) outreach service.

Audio Production, Remixes & Mastering

The Orion Correlation is the name that Hammy Havoc goes by, not only is he constantly working on new material but remixes are projects he takes very seriously and is evident in the releases available through over 300 major music stores and streaming services. Remixes make great promotional tracks when used as in the form of a giveaway, providing more exposure for your project.

Audio mastering is the final stage of the production process; before the release of your track it allows us to check and enhance your music and potentially even correct any issues that arose during the mixing stage if your production was mixed elsewhere. We utilize a full analogue signal chain for the mastering process, largely consisting of bespoke handmade hardware that has been designed in-house by Stuart Routledge.