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In order to run a successful business, you need to invest heavily into your web design and web development; your website is the digital storefront that your customers browse your products and services through, and is far more important than your social media presence. After all, traffic from your social media ultimately needs to convert.

Aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and accessible user interfaces are a must. We live in an increasingly fast-paced world where a matter of seconds could be the difference between a new customer or that user never visiting your website again purely because your website took too long to load. We’re using HTML5 in all of our projects now, why aren’t you? HTML5 is the most bandwidth friendly standard yet with a wealth of features that Flash could never offer. Gone are the days of 20MB per page load being acceptable.

tfpro home page


E-commerce feature, Forum, Website Design & Development

Ted Fletcher, founder of tfpro and previously of Alice and Joemeek®, needed a slick new website to promote his handmade audio equipment.

We worked closely with Ted to design and develop website that would focus on his equipment, services, and masterclasses. The tfpro site includes a forum, so that people can discuss Ted’s work and receive advice from him, and an online store.

tfpro about page
tfpro shop page
tfpro artists page
Integrated Movement Arts Homepage

Integrated Movement Arts

Web App Design & Development

We developed an online coaching platform for Integrated Movement Arts to carry out their digital fitness syllabus and one-to-one coaching combined with personal video analysis.

The Integrated Movement Arts website also features a community system including a forum, and also apps for iOS and Android so students can take their syllabus everywhere with them. We created an intuitive booking system for the Integrated Movement Arts flagship London fitness studio and gym in West Hampstead.

Integrated Movement Arts Footer
Integrated Movement Arts Testimonial System
Integrated Movement Arts Personal Training
Voidance Records Releases on Website

Voidance Records

Website, Online Store Design & Development

We developed a website and online store for Voidance Records to offer their music to the public free of charge, and monetize their most loyal fans through merchandise sold through a sleek e-commerce system.

The Voidance Records website allows users to listen to music from the record label on any page through the player at the bottom of the user interface.

Voidance Records Product Page
Voidance Records Products on Website
Lost & Found - Refined on Voidance Records Website

Founded in January 2011, Previous Magazine is an independent digital publication with a focus on technology in both the professional and creative spaces.

Our journalists particularly enjoy writing about how technology enriches and changes lives and workflows, but we equally love to kick back, relax, improve ourselves and have a generally fantastic time.

Previous Magazine Website Screenshot

Canna Thrive

Website + Online Store Design & Development

We developed a website and online store for Canna Thrive to offer their services to the public, and monetize their most loyal patients through merchandise sold through a sleek e-commerce system.

The Canna Thrive website allows patients to sign up, fill out patient forms and book appointments all from the website.

“They demonstrated a real commitment to my brand.”
– Canna Thrive CFO, Ryan Kelly

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Brookes Brothers created one of London’s more stylish bars and restaurants, they focused on developing a superior menu, a superb wine list and friendly and courteous staff – as well as an environment that is intimate and relaxed. The subtle décor and elegant bespoke seating combined to provide an atmosphere that was ideal for romantic meals, friendly gatherings and business lunches.

The emerald surface of the bar was pure marble, reflecting and running parallel with the longest continuous tropical aquarium in London. Adjacent to the bar the modern lounge area was a perfect environment for private parties and corporate events.

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