Split An Atom offers an online mastering service for both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. All of our mastering is done by Hammy Havoc, an experienced mastering engineer, through a mostly analog signal path consisting of custom hardware created by Stuart Routledge.

Mastering separates the wheat from the chaff. It’s often the difference between a radio-ready hit and a demo. It’s the final polish that artists spend so long trying to find. We do not participate in The Loudness Wars. We always aim to retain the dynamics of a song and make it sound as natural as possible, giving the mix plenty of headroom and space to breathe.

After Mastering
After Mastering

In addition to mastering for digital music stores, streaming platforms, and CD, we offer a wide variety of other services to suit your needs.

Mastering for Vinyl

Vinyl records are making a big comeback as they make great collectables for fans, and provide an additional revenue stream for artists and labels. We can master your tracks ready for vinyl pressing.

Album Sequencing

Album sequencing takes a lot of time and patience, it helps to get a second opinion from people who are experienced within the industry, which is where Split An Atom can help.

Stems Mastering

Stems is an innovative open, multi-track audio format from Native Instruments that we offer mastering for. Stems are very appealing to the likes of DJs, providing an additional revenue stream with premium price files.

Metadata Tagging

Dealing with metadata before distributing your record can be a stressful experience as you can’t edit files once they’re in the hands of the consumer. We are more than happy to take care of tagging your audio files with their appropriate metadata and artwork whilst making sure that there are no problems.

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