Split An Atom Featured As Top UK Agency 2017

Split An Atom Featured As Top UK Agency 2017 1

At Split An Atom, we work hard to provide forward-thinking marketing solutions to some pretty incredible clients. Whether we’re helping to build a brand from scratch or we’re making some updates for an established business, we’re proud of our expanding offerings and excellent results. It seems our clients are proud of our work, too – their comments have led research firm Clutch to recognize us as a leading UK agency.

This distinction comes as a result of Clutch’s ongoing research that covers thousands of advertising, marketing, and creative agencies worldwide. The firm, which is based in the United States, uses a proprietary research methodology with over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors to analyze the performance of every agency on the platform.

Split An Atom on Clutch

Clutch’s research methodology is paired with client reviews, which take the form of 15-minute interviews with the firm. These conversations delve into the details of every client engagement, the clients’ satisfaction with their agency, and the results of the work provided. We’re proud that two of our clients have already spoken out about their work with Split an Atom, leaving us a score of 4.5 stars (out of 5).

Here are some of the things our clients had to say:

“I think they’re some of the best project managers. I’ve even incorporated some of their approach into my own business. One of the most useful tools is their 24-hour email system. It really gave me the chance to reflect on the site at every point in the project and let them know about the changes I wanted. When I met with my business partners after hours, we could respond and ensure that the work was done the following day. Additionally, they always met their deadlines.”

“They’re very hands-on, which I really liked. I think that mirrored my design approach. I felt that they looked after my project and that was one of the biggest criteria for me. I don’t have a technology background, so I appreciate the way they guided me through a forest of new information.”

“I had some general ideas for the platform, but they weren’t exclusive to our company; other people were doing the same things. Once Split An Atom’s team introduced me to what new technology could achieve, we were able to create facilities which no other company offers.”

“Our project has been quite complicated. Had I been working with another firm, they may not have been able to explain everything to me as well as Split An Atom has. I’ve approached developers who spoke in technical jargon which I didn’t understand. Split An Atom communicated clearly, keeping in mind that I may not know about specific technologies. This was a key factor, given that I want to learn how things work, instead of having someone create everything for me.”

Clutch’s recognition and our clients’ comments highlight our team’s forward thinking, proactivity, and passion for our work. We’re proud to be recognized, and we can’t wait to hear what clients say as we continue to grow Split An Atom.

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