Split An Atom 2018 Logo & Brand Identity

Split An Atom 2018 Logo & Brand Identity Announcement Featured Image

Split An Atom is proud to announce our new logo and brand identity. We’ve been in business as a digital integrated marketing agency since 2011, and a lot has changed at the company and in the world since we began, so it seems only right that we give ourselves a refined logo that represents our company’s current status.

Split An Atom’s in-house graphic designer Bryan Desrosiers put a lot of consideration into refining the Split An Atom brand without losing what makes Split An Atom so distinctive.

A few choice words from Bryan Desrosiers on the new Split An Atom logo and brand identity:

The original Split An Atom logo is a long-established and fairly well executed design. Building on the legacy of the original and keeping it familiar was challenging, and we went through dozens of different designs throughout the creative process. I feel confident that our new logo accurately portrays our current company culture and overall brand identity.

Our new logo is familiar, yet more modern. Easily readable, whilst still creative.

Our logo may have changed, but our work ethic hasn’t, and we are still working hard and providing the same high-quality services our clients expect from us.

As the market has changed, we have also evolved and matured as a business, reacting to trends and changes within various industries. As well as updating our brand, Split An Atom is also expanding, and we are excited to be offering new services to our clients. We will be announcing several new services in the coming months.

The splitting of an atom releases energy, and we put all of our energy into bolstering your brand, improving your services, and promoting your products. Want a logo of your own? Take a look at our graphic design services and get in touch with us today.

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