Communication is an art and we are the artists. Our outreach service puts you in touch with the people of the moment to help you promote, raise awareness and to advertise your company and products. We can help you gain rapport and connect with employees, bloggers, celebrities, sponsors and many other important people.

Blogger Outreach & Engagement

Using our experience with Previous Magazine and other publications such as The Huffington Post, our understanding of blogger outreach from an amateur to professional level is hard to beat.

We reach out to relevant influencers and setup brand placement opportunities such as product reviews, sponsorships, or event tickets to those who will put your company in front of a receptive audience to drive further interest to your company, and provide valuable backlinks to your company’s website.

VIP & Celebrity Endorsement

Utilizing our network of notable individuals, groups, and organizations, we can present unique opportunities to get your product or service used and endorsed by influencers.

Find Brand Ambassadors

We search for influencers with an established, engaged audience to promote companies, products and services that their audience will derive value from and thus drive conversions. We can create influencer programs to generate viral advocacy and evangelism for your brand.

Promotional Campaigns

We present opportunities to your business to feature your brand online and present promotions to users, such as discounts, or free trials, to drive interest to your brand, and help build email newsletter lists.

Case Studies & Testimonials

We reach out to existing customers and clients, working with them on creating case studies of their experiences with your brand, product or service, or can create automated workflows to request that customers write a review after a specific length of time; it will be ideal for your app or social media campaigns to feature the thoughts of your happy customers.

Employee Engagement

We can create and distribute surveys to your employees to get them more involved with the direction of your company, address critical issues, and present the information and solutions decided upon in the form of an engaging infographic.