Split An Atom is proud to offer a range of media services. We are here to help you to manage your reputation and teach you about media and press through consultations and private mentoring. We are also here to promote you, your company, brand or product through various media outlets of your choice.

Crisis & Reputation Management

Media Training

Press Kits

Sometimes, things can go wrong, whether there are negative comments made about your company on social media, negative press coverage or even disputes with disgruntled employees. Through this kind of negativity, reputations can be damaged and ruined. This is why we offer crisis and reputation management.

Being in the spotlight can be difficult and when you have to deal with the media on a frequent basis, you’re going to need to be confident and comfortable with who you are, as a person or as a company. Whether you’re making an announcement or are being interviewed, we can advise and guide you on how to use the media to your advantage. Don’t worry about anything going wrong; we provide a crisis and reputation management service too.

We can create press kits that will help you to uphold a positive image of yourself, your products and your company, which will give you control over the information that the media receive.

Video Production

Live Streaming


We provide video production services, including editing, mastering, and mixing in surround sound. Our services are suitable for everything from YouTube video intros, Twitch overlays, all the way up to commercial video products and cutting trailers.

We can setup and configure live streams of press conferences, trade shows, or conventions, utilizing scalable cloud infrastructure and serving it through your company’s website.

We have an established network of vloggers on YouTube and Instagram who we can supply your product or service to who will place it in front of their relevant demographic and drive sales to your business.

Photo Calls


Radio Campaigns

A picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe more in the age of visual social media. We can arrange photo calls to compliment your content and press releases with the relevant parties concerned.

Split An Atom can provide photography for events such as concerts, trade shows, press conferences and award ceremonies. We provide post-processing on our stills to meet your requirements in terms of aesthetic and file specification.

With our talented and diverse roster of voice actors, we can create an unforgettable radio campaign as well as create or license music exclusively for commercial use.