A great way to gain rapport with employers and employees is to host an event to get to know them, but it is also a useful way to mingle with customers, clients and the press. Through our event organization service, one of our event organizers will consult with you, taking your ideas and opinions into account and our professional staff will also contribute interesting and original ideas.

Some of the events we offer to organize:

Press conferences
Award ceremonies
Charity functions

Corporate retreats
Corporate dinners
Launch campaigns
Trade fairs
Team building workshops
In-store events

What needs to be organized?

Booking the venue



Finding a perfect venue is an integral part of hosting an event. If you have a specific venue in mind, let us know and we’ll do our best to book it for you. If you don’t know where you would like to host the event, then leave it up to us and we will take care of everything for you. We take into account guest numbers, the type of event and your needs when choosing a venue. We will do extensive research into the perfect venues for you and we will be sure to give you options so you have the ultimate choice of where the event will be held. Let us know the dates, times and your requirements and we’ll get straight to work!

Every individual has their own idea of what types activities or entertainment that they want at their event. We can plan anything from team building workshops to family fun days. Contact us with your ideas and speak to our team to discover what services we can provide and book for you. Our team also have inventive and creative ideas to make your event stand out from the rest.

We can easily organize entertainment and music and for your event and can do it to your specific requirements. We will happily arrange live music and DJs as we have access to several management agencies and labels in the UK and Germany, such as Voidance Records, Switched On Records and 10 Records. Due to our connection with these labels we can provide you with the options of different genres of music and can reach out to other singers, musicians and artists as well. We can also organize dancers, performers and other services and sources of entertainment. We can work out the details with you when you contact us about managing your event.

Equipment, Supplies and Décor



We can organize any additional or essential equipment or supplies you may need for your event, such as a stage for award ceremonies, screens and projectors, a dancefloor, sound and music, and we can even provide lighting programming, rigging and design. We can also organize the décor of your chosen venue, to look as you’ve envisioned it. We will do our best to cater to any additional last minute changes, extra seating and will answer and queries or issues you may have.

It can be very difficult to find high quality caterers, skilled chefs and delicious food to cater for your guests or clients. We can source and supply a caterer and arrange tastings before you set your heart on a menu. Whether you want a sit-down meal with a set menu, a buffet, afternoon tea, snacks or a fully stocked bar, we can arrange the perfect catering service for you. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is our goal to meet your standards and organize the best food and beverages available. Tell us about your dietary requirements or allergies and the number of guests when you contact us.

As usual, with catering comes the event staff. It is our job to organize waiting staff and servers, supervisors, bar staff, hosts/ hostesses, cloak room attendants, parking attendants and a clean-up crew. Each event is tailored to our clients needs, meaning that we will organize the appropriate staff according to the size and type of event being held. We only supply the best staff to keep your event well organized and stress free.



Travel and transportation

Some larger and more lavish events may require security to ensure that nothing goes awry. We can provide bouncers and other security staff to secure the venue. We can create a ticket scheme, where tickets and invitations can be handed in or shown to a member of staff at the door, and we can also provide an online booking system and electronic ticketing. Split An Atom also designs tickets and invitations for you to provide your guests with; just inquire to find out what our design team to can do for you.

If you and your guests are willing to travel to a venue we can organize accommodation for you and your guests at the venue, the nearest hotels, apartments or somewhere close by. We will research the best accommodation so that you and your guests or clients will have a comfortable and happy over-night stay. Let us know the amount of people needing accommodation; length of stay; room requirements, such as room size and double or single beds; and any other requirements, for example disabled access.

Most people are happy to make their own way to an event, but travelling to certain remote or out-of-the-way destinations can be difficult. Whether your require a coach, train seats, taxis, limousines or another any other means of travel, we are happy to organize and book transportation for you and your guests to and from your venue.