10 Management started a new division called 10 Records, and with that came the necessity for consistent and complimentary branding between the two ventures.

The former 10 Management logo was of an era, screamed “Tumblr hipsterdom!”, and wasn’t the most easily recognizable of designs due to the partially photographic nature of it. 10 Management needed a modern, simple and yet iconic brand; that’s when they brought Split An Atom into the equation.

What we gave to 10 is a brand that will age gracefully as stylistic trends come and go within the music industry.

Old Logo

10 Management (Old Logo)
10 Records Logo

Our inspiration behind creating the new 10 Management and 10 Records logos was 1960s and 1970s Scandinavian logo design such as Sibast, though we were also inspired by classic 1950s British auto racing numbers after recently designing decals for a professional Canadian track car.

The specification originally asked that we include the text inside the number one of the logo, though we later discovered that the logo was illegible when it was a small social media avatar, so we chose to arc the text around the exterior of the logo, resulting in both a stylish and minimalist design.


10 Records & 10 Management Logo/Brand Identity 1