Split An Atom offers a studio quality voice-over service. We can provide voice-overs for the likes of commercials, audio books, animations, tutorials and more.

A voice-over is one of the best ways to communicate with any audience. Whether you’re looking for a male or female, someone young or old, we can provide you with the talent. With Split An Atom, you have the freedom to choose which voice-over artist you think is the most suitable for your project. Our highly-skilled voice actors will deliver a professional studio-quality performance that you’ll never forget.

How it works: You book the voice actor directly through the site and send them the script. Once the voice-over has been recorded, it will go through post-production. Then it will be sent directly to you. It’s that simple! We aim for a quick turnaround time, but that doesn’t mean we’ll skimp on the quality!

Quality is very important to us. That’s why we use ribbon microphones in our own studio. The end result is a clear and smooth sound. All of our recordings are mixed and mastered in-house, so we know that the post-production is always going to be exceptional, and we can eliminate distortion and unwanted external noises.

If you have an idea and don’t have a script yet, feel free to contact us and ask about our script writing service. However, if you already have a script but feel that it lacks that certain je ne sais quoi, we can offer you our dialogue editing service to give your script some added punch that will help you connect with your audience.

Recording Studio

Why we sound so great.

We proudly primarily use Bumblebee Pro Audio RM-6 ribbon microphones with bespoke Ortiz Luthiers in-line boosters into a variety of pre-amps.

Each microphone is purchased in component form and is then built by hand in-house to meet our meticulous standards and commitment to quality.

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Voice-over Artists & Voice Actors

Stop and Listen

With different voices and microphones, you can get the exact sound you want.

Look No Further

Get your recording and post-production done by Split An Atom after choosing the talent.

Top Quality

We provide editing and scriptwriting to ensure that you have the best overall recording.

Dedicated to You

Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we want you to have the best experience possible.

Audio Book Narration

Audio books make a great addition to the release of a print book or eBook. We can create feature-length audio books on-demand with our repertoire of voice actors and actresses.

Audio books are becoming more and more popular. As with podcasts, people want to consume books whilst doing other things like exercising at the gym, driving, or even commuting to work.

Films, Television & Documentaries

Whether you’re looking for a voice-over for a documentary or an omniscient narrator for a movie, we have what you need. Voice-overs are an insightful way of storytelling and imparting a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Our voice actors exude confidence and are knowledgeable about many topics, which is perfect for voice-overs needed in documentaries. We also provide English language dubbing.

Video Games & Animation

There are so many possibilities when it comes to characters, and our voice actors can take on multiple roles with different genders, ages, accents and personalities.

Our voice actors will bring your characters to life and will create an impact within your animation or video game. Our actors also have experience with voice synchronization and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement).

Movie Trailers & Commercials

Nowadays, a movie trailer is almost as important as the film itself. It builds up hype and has to entertain the audience. It’s important to have the right voice for the right genre.

A voice-over in a commercial can be the difference between selling a product and not engaging with your target market. You need to send the right message to your potential customers.

Radio, Audio Dramas & Podcasts

Our voice-over artists’ diverse range of styles and distinctive voices will help to develop characters’ personalities and help the audience visualize the world that the characters are in.

A good voice-over in a podcast over will pique your audience’s interest and can increase the number of sponsors you have.

Voicemail, On-hold Messages & IVR

Making a good impression on your clients is important. You can use voicemail and on-hold messages to make a good impression on your clients and provide information.

Personalised IVRs (Interactive Voice Responses) are a quick and efficient way to interact with customers, provide customer support and direct people to the right department.

Product Videos, Explainer Videos, Corporate Narration & Promotional Voice-overs

Voice-overs are a fantastic way to convey a message to your customers. You may want a voice actor with an upbeat or authoritative tone to showcase your products, service or brand.

It’s important to have someone who sounds well-informed to communicate your company’s values and assert your call to action.

E-learning Voice-overs, Tutorials & Presentations

Education is at the heart of everything and voice-overs have become the new way to educate people, from colleagues in the boardroom to students in a classroom.

A confident and engaging delivery of information can make learning an enjoyable experience and increase peoples interest in a certain subject.