Sound design is the process of specifying, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements.

Our sound design service is suitable for video games, films, TV, apps, web videos, corporate training videos, documentaries, live events, and more. Creating sound effects for apps such as notification sounds and UI sounds is one of our specialties; we enjoy experimenting with modular synthesis along with bizarre instruments.

From high-tech digital sound design, field recording and micro-editing, to Foley recording, you can be sure that Split An Atom can create the sounds that are right for your project, be it a small indie video game, or a AAA production. We provide original custom sound design to match the visual aesthetic of your project.

Sound design services include:

  • Voice-over
  • SFX sound
  • Stereo and 5.1 surround mixing
  • Recording
  • Dialogue clean-up
  • A diverse private library music catalogue, and that of several record labels

We focus on the following media:

  • TV Commercials
  • TV ID / Branding
  • Brand Films
  • Film and TV
  • Radio
  • Video Games
  • Virtual Reality and Binaural
  • Art Installations

As sound designers, our job is to produce and improve the sound of a movie scene or a game sequence. We achieve diverse soundscapes and audio elements utilizing various analogue and digital synthesizers, and other more traditional instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, basses and sarangi.

With our years of experience within the music industry, we have learnt and acquired many skills which allow us to offer an expert service in interactive sound design. From the creative ideas, all the way through to integration, we build and create audio works that bring believability to your production’s environment.

Why have one sound designer when you can have two working in unison? Hammy Havoc and Lost & Found both come from very different backgrounds, but together create some really boundary-pushing sound effects. Their attention to detail means your sounds will be very memorable.

Lost & Found specializes in percussion, synths and spectacular effects, constantly exploring evolving ambient soundscapes.

Hammy Havoc specializes in found-sounds, constantly sampling his surroundings for interesting noises or ambient soundscapes that could be used at a later point. He also enjoys a variety of stringed instruments, as well as modular synths.

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