Sonic Branding Service

Composition and sound design in unison telling your story.

Sonic branding goes by many names, you may know it as audio branding, sonic identity or sound branding. Sonic branding is making sure the effect of sound has a positive outcome on new and current consumers.

According to Wikipedia,
“Sound branding (also known as audio branding, music branding, sonic branding, acoustic branding or sonic mnemonics) is the use of sound to reinforce brand identity. Sound branding is increasingly becoming a vehicle for conveying a memorable message to targeted consumers, taking advantage of the powerful memory sense of sound”.

With branding, you also can build communities. You want to give your consumers an experience You want them to have a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals: the way Apple customers feel part of their bigger community.

At Split An Atom we create and design original sounds to best suit the personalities of brands. Sound is a powerful medium that can build brands and is an extremely powerful and compelling way to communicate through vast different cultures and large crowds. Split An Atom will work with you to create an innovative sound branding strategy.

Music and sound has the power to break down barriers between many different cultures, languages and visual things. Therefore, allowing you to connect with everyone that comes into contact with the brand.

Sound Logos

Sonic branding is an extension of your visual branding to another sense, which matches your brand values.
This can:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Connect you to consumers on a deeper level

Whether you’re a large Fortune 500 company, an SMB, or you run a YouTube channel, everybody can benefit from a sonic brand if they’re utilizing TV, online video, or radio commercials.

Hold Music

Mobile Phone Ringtones

In-store music