Music Mixing Service
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Re-recording Mixing Service
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Re-recording Mixing Service

Re-recording mixing is a big part of audio post-production. At Split An Atom, we mix audio elements such as dialogue, ADR, music, foley effects, and sound effects to create the perfect mix for your project. Our audio engineers can create balanced and polished soundtracks for motion pictures, television, documentaries, games, and adverts that comply with loudness regulations. Contact us today for more information about how we can improve your production.

Music Mixing Service

Are you struggling to take a great song and make it sound like the glossy, clean, and polished hits you hear in the charts? You probably need to spend more time on your mix, but time is money, and why spend time learning a whole science when seasoned experts can take care of it for you?

Get a great mix suited for digital, streaming and vinyl.

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The whole process in-house.
1 to 8 files
£100per song
  • 10 days turnaround
9 to 24 files
£150per song
  • 10 days turnaround
25 to 48 files
£200per song
  • 10 days turnaround
Up to 64 files
£250per song
  • 10 days turnaround