Rolling Out SSL for All of Our Clients

Today we are happy to announce that we are rolling out SSL to all of Split An Atom’s clients, this requires a slight modification to the source of everybody’s websites and at a DNS level, but there will be zero downtime.

The process

  1. Your DNS will be pointed towards CloudFlare if it isn’t already, but most likely it is as this has been company protocol for the past eighteen months.
  2. An SSL certificate will be provisioned for your TLD.
  3. Your website or web-app’s source will be modified to work with the CloudFlare API and utilize their reverse proxy system to prevent against DDoS attacks.
  4. We will make sure that you are serving all of your resources via HTTPS and modify the source where necessary to make sure of this.
  5. A 301 redirect will be added at a DNS level via CloudFlare from HTTP to HTTPS.
  6. Google Inc. will be notified of your new canonical URL.

Security is of utmost importance in 2014 due to surveillance from hackers and governments across the world. Even if you run a website without any public-facing login systems, utilizing SSL will prove to be beneficial in terms of SEO, so expect to rank higher on Google’s SERP once your site has been reassessed by Google. We are utilizing CloudFlare’s cutting-edge cipher suite ECDSA (Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm), all of our clients will also have SPDY enabled after this change as well as support for IPv6. SPDY means your website will be served faster than ever to supported web browsers, again something else that will help you to rank higher on the Google SERP.

At Split An Atom we believe in the concept of an “encrypted by default” internet, we feel that HTTPS is something that everybody should be using as a bare minimum for security within the website for their business whether they’re large or small. Going forward we will maintain an attitude at Split An Atom, and across our projects that embraces open standards and open source whilst utilizing encryption in projects from big to small.

We wish to establish a level of quality we hope others will follow; what began with using iTwin hardware encryption devices between ourselves has grown to clawing back privacy from prying eyes where possible by making the most of P2P and reducing the amount of data passing through third-party servers, and we are very proud to have our clients along for the ride whilst guiding them in how to secure their businesses.

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