Split An Atom is Named a 2019 Global Leader in Content Marketing on Clutch

Clutch 1,000 Global 2019 Award

Since our start in 2011, Split An Atom has believed that teamwork and ingenuity is what has made our strategies so successful. We’re committed to our clients, so they can be competitive in their industry. We are proud to say we have received our 12th award from Clutch. Split An Atom has been named a Global Leader in Content Marketing and is in the top 1,000 leading companies of 2019. Clutch is a verified reviews site that our clients use to share their feedback on our collaborations.

“We are incredibly grateful to be acknowledged in this way by Clutch. Any kind of acknowledgement is special to us, award or otherwise. We are very proud of our work, though despite that, we place increasingly high standards upon ourselves with the services we deliver as we are passionate about results and creativity. The goalposts are always moving, and we would like to think that sometimes we are the ones moving them for others.” – Hammy Havoc, CEO of Split An Atom

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The review process is an integral part of helping our company grow. Critiques are one way in which Split An Atom has learned to improve as a marketing agency. When we see the positive results of our solutions, it informs our future strategies for other clients.

Clutch’s sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects, have helped our clients to find us and to see the compelling work we’ve done for previous clients. The Manifest offers a list of top public relations firms in the United Kingdom and Visual Objects showcases the digital portfolios of top UK companies.

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We’d like to thank our clients for an incredible year of creativity and exciting campaign opportunities. We’re looking forward to more hard work and new challenges in the new year.

If you’re ready to start a project with Split An Atom, you can message us through our contact form to schedule a consultation!

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